30th September 2021 Minutes

Michaelchurch Escley, Newton, St Margarets, Turnastone, Vowchurch.
Minutes of the Vowchurch & District Group Parish Council meeting held on
Thursday 30th September 2021 at 7.30pm

PRESENT – Councillors I Chadwick, E Williams, E May, M Engel, A Picton, G Franklin, R Lloyd and J Kernahan.
IN ATTENDANCE – PC Jeff Rouse, Mrs L Cowles (Clerk) and one member of the public.

In the absence of both a Chair and the Vice-Chair it was unanimously agreed that Councillor E Williams would initially chair the meeting.

  1. ELECTION OF CHAIR – Councillor Mason’s letter of resignation was noted. Councillor E May was proposed by Councillor Picton and seconded by Councillor Chadwick. There were no other nominations and the proposal was carried. Councillor May signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and took over to chair the meeting.
  2. ACCEPT APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Councillor T Williams and Ward Councillor Peter Jinman.
  3. RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & CONSIDER ANY WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATION – There were no declarations of interest or written requests for dispensation.
  4. ADOPT MINUTES OF THE ORDINARY MEETING ON THE PARISH COUNCIL – 19th August 2021 – The minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.
  5. OPEN DISCUSSION – Councillor May welcomed the member of the public to the meeting. He expressed an interest in becoming a Footpaths Officer but may also be interested in joining as a Parish Councillor. Councillor May explained what was involved in both roles and he was invited to stay for the duration of the meeting.
    6.1 Ward Councillor – Ward Councillor Peter Jinman was unable to attend the meeting. Councillor Engel gave an update on broadband and explained the public meeting with Jesse Norman MP would not now take place but would meet locally with Ward Councillor Jinman, Toby Murcott and himself, although they would need to arrange for a member of Gigaclear to also be present at the meeting. Councillor Engel would like affected residents to answer a few questions about their main concerns. It was agreed that these would be sent to Councillors who could forward onto others who are affected by limited broadband services. Councillor Kernahan reminded Councillors that there are alternative sources available.
    6.2 Local Police – PC Jeff Rouse advised that crime in the area is remaining low at present. A new Chief Constable, Pippa Mills has taken over after Anthony Bangham’s retirement. Pc Rouse would encourage everybody to sign up for ‘Neighbourhood Matters’ which is a community messaging service launched by West Mercia police. It enables residents, businesses and community groups across Herefordshire to find out more about what is happening in their local community.
    6.3 Lengthsman report and any new road defects – The Lengthsman was unable to attend the meeting. His monthly reports had been forwarded to Councillors prior to the meeting. Please continue to report any defects via the Herefordshire Council’s website.
  7. CLERKS UPDATE – The Clerks report included:
    The new road signs in Vowchurch and Turnastone have now been installed
    The Planning Enforcement Officer has visited Turnastone Court and does not agree with their agent that the use is allowable and he awaits their response that planning permission to include this new use is required. The Historic Buildings Officer would also like to visit once this can be agreed with their agent.
    The Clerk has also asked the Enforcements Officer to visit Crossways Farm, Michaelchurch Escley where it appears that a business is being run in the barn without possible planning permission.
    Planning application 192569, land adjacent to Chanstone Mill has been withdrawn.
    The Public Diversion Order on footpath ME3 at Llanbaddon Farm, Michaelchurch Escley has been confirmed.
    Confirmation that drainage works on C1206 in Michaelchurch Escley has been postponed.
    B4347 – B4348 road closure on 4th October.
    Vowchurch & Turnastone hall committee have requested to install a new sign in the verge opposite the hall entrance. This request has been passed to the Locality Steward.
    Having received an Eco report, Balfour Beatty has confirmed that any works on the bridge over the River Dore at Vowchurch cannot be carried out between October – June because of the presence of fish, crayfish and otters, therefore any works to resolve the scouring will have to take place next summer.
    The Clerk has received some interest in the Parish Councillor vacancy for Vowchurch.
    HALC training courses for the coming months.
    Site: Land at Blackpool Barn, Whitehouse Estate, Turnastone, Vowchurch, Herefordshire.
    Description: Proposed change of use of redundant agricultural building to form one new dwelling and amendments to the agricultural building approved pursuant to application P183065/F.
    Application No: 212804 Grid Ref: 334904:235019

    Site: Wells Green, Upper Maescoed, Newton St Margarets, Herefordshire. HR2 0QG
    Description: Proposed single storey extension,
    Application No: 211552 Grid Ref: 332910:234878
    Site: Wells Green, Upper Maescoed, Newton St Margarets, Herefordshire. HR2 0QG
    Description: Proposed agricultural barn for housing small farm machinery and hay storage.
    Application No: 212010 Grid Ref: 332949:234918
    Site: The Fold, Land west of Whitehouse Farm, Turnastone, Vowchurch. HR2 0RE
    Description: Proposed change of use of land to a glamping site comprising of four glamping units and
    Associated facilities, new vehicular access and gravelled parking area.
    Application No: 210198 Grid Ref: 334571:235654
    Site: St Marys Church, Vowchurch, Herefordshire. HR2 0RA
    Description: Proposed erection of timber clad storage structure and connection of services.
    Application No: 210886 Grid Ref: 335758:236471
    9.1 Confirmation of bank balance – £14,427.36 Statement Sheet No. 161 issued 17th September 2021.
    Receipts – £6785.07 Second precept 2021/22 payment.
    9.2 Payment to Mrs Linda Cowles for September 2021 Clerk’s hours and £35.58 plus VAT for ink cartridges – Payment agreed.
    9.3 Payment to HMRC of £58.80 for PAYE July – September 2021 – Payment agreed.
    9.4 Payment to Mr T Griffiths invoice no. TGC1613, Roads Account August 2021 (1) of £392.00 plus VAT – Payment agreed.
    9.5 Cheque signatories – It was agreed that Councillor May would be a new cheque signatory.
    9.6 Finance Working Group member – It was agreed that Councillor May would join the Finance Working Group.
    9.7 INTERNET BANKING – The Clerk confirmed that the online banking had been activated. It was agreed that Councillor May and Councillor T Williams would be listed as Secondary User’s.
    9.8 INTERNET BANKING – The overall daily payments limit and limit for single bill payments was agreed at £1000 each.
    9.9 FINANCIAL REGULATIONS – Defer to October meeting.
  10. RESILIENCE PLAN – Councillor Chadwick handed Councillors a copy of the draft Resilience Plan. Councillor Chadwick confirmed that the Abbeydore Deanery are happy for the churches to be listed as places of refuge and/or safety and keyholders identities are currently being sort along with keyholders for the village halls to be included in the plan. Councillors confirmed that they are happy with the draft plan which Councillor Chadwick will bring back to a Council meeting once completed for it to be adopted.
  11. TRAFFIC SIGNS – Some local residents have raised concerns with Councillor Franklin regarding the speed of traffic at the cross roads near Crossways Farm in Michaelchurch Escley. It was agreed that traffic does approach the area quite fast at times and there has been an increase in large vehicles using the C1209 from St Margarets. Property at that corner has already been hit on previous occasions. It was agreed to request ‘Slow Signs or ‘Slow’ markings be installed on the road from both directions on the C1206. The Clerk will contact the Locality Steward in the first instance.
  12. NEW CLIMATE AND NATURE GRANT – It was agreed that the Parish Council do not have a facility that could benefit from the new Community Climate and Nature Grant Scheme although Councillor Engel confirmed that Escleyside Hall along with Vowchurch & Turnastone Memorial Hall are interested in applying. It was agreed that Councillor Engel would advise both parties how to apply via the Herefordshire Council website as the Parish Council could not apply on their behalf.
  13. PARISH COUNCILLORS ATTENDING PARISH COUNCIL SUMMITS & CONSULTATIONS ETC. – It was agreed that Parish Councillors would attend summits etc. when dates were known and if any Councillors were available
  14. NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER – Appointment of new Chair, Police Neighbourhood Matters and Covid 19 reminder.
  15. NOTE THE CORRESPONDENCE SHEET – The correspondence sheet was noted.
  16. RAISE MATTERS FOR THE NEXT ORDINARY MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL – Thursday 21st October 2021 at 7.30pm at Vowchurch & Turnastone Memorial Hall – Budget 2022/23, Financial Regulations, Co-option

The Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.30pm


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