19th January 2023 Minutes

Michaelchurch Escley, Newton, St Margarets, Turnastone, Vowchurch.

Minutes of the Vowchurch & District Group Parish Council meeting held on
Thursday 19th January 2023 at 7.30pm in Vowchurch & Turnastone Memorial Hall.

PRESENT – Councillors E May (Chair), G Franklin, A Picton, T Williams, G Deas, R Lloyd and S Craddock.
IN ATTENDANCE – Mrs L Cowles (Clerk).

  1. ACCEPT APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Councillors I Chadwick, E Williams, M Engel, Ward Councillor P Jinman and the police.
  2. RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & CONSIDER ANY WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATION – Councillor G Deas declared a non-disclosable interest in agenda item 7.1; the declarations book was signed accordingly. There were no written requests for dispensation.
  3. ADOPT MINUTES OF THE ORDINARY MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL – 17th November 2022 – The minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.
  4. OPEN DISCUSSION – No members of the public attended the meeting and therefore no specific points were raised.
    5.1 Local Police – The local police were unable to attend the meeting.
    5.2 Lengthsman report and any new road defects – The Lengthsman was unable to attend the meeting. His monthly reports had been forwarded to Councillors prior to the meeting.
  6. CLERKS UPDATE – A thank has been received from Dore Community Transport for the Parish Council donation.
    A reminder that Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty will be holding a draft 2023/24 Golden Valley Engagement event on 25th January from 1400 – 1600.
    Correspondence has been received from residents regarding the CRT in Turnastone.
    Site: Chanstone Court Farm, Vowchurch, Herefordshire. HR2 0QE
    Description: The proposal is for the siting of 1 timber-built treehouse which is a cabin built on pile foundations plus associated landscaping and parking. The unit would provide accommodation for 6-8 guests, year-round.
    Application No: 223920 Grid Ref: 336416:235655
    OBJECT – Whilst the Parish Council supports rural businesses, they are concerned about the size of the development which does not follow policy one, point one of the adopted Neighbourhood Plan. ‘That their design and scale reflect the character of the local environment and existing buildings in a way which preserves or enhances the natural and historic beauty of the local area.’
    Site: Castle Ibo Farm, Newton St Margarets, Herefordshire. HR2 0RF
    Description: Proposed detached garage and enlargement of domestic curtilage.
    Application No: 224256 Grid Ref: 332669:235407
    Councillor S Craddock joined the meeting.

Site: Graig Farm Barn, Newton St Margarets, Herefordshire. HR2 0QY.
Description: Enlargement of domestic curtilage (part retrospective).
Application No: 223783 Grid Ref: 334392:233893
COMMENT – This planning application appears innocuous, asking for an increase to the defined curtilage by incorporating an area along the drive. The area is currently agricultural but has been used de facto as garden. However, by increasing the curtilage this increases the potential for permitted development under government rules(C3c). There has been recent permission for conversion of a barn at this site, and further development would not meet the criterion of our NDP (Policy 3 supporting Hereford Core strategy RA3). We would allow an increase in the curtilage but with restrictions to prevent any further development.
Site: The Old House, Michaelchurch Escley, Herefordshire. HR2 0JW
Description: Installation of 15 ground mounted solar panels in adjacent field for the provision of electricity to domestic property.
Application No: 223091 Grid Ref: 331562:233779
Site: Sefton, Vowchurch, Herefordshire. HR2 0RL
Description: Application for removal of condition 5 of planning permission 143820/FH (Proposed subservient single storey self-contained annexe, ancillary to existing dwelling house). To allow permitted development rights.
Application No: 223211 Grid Ref: 336547:236858

    8.1 Confirmation of bank balance – £12,064.85 Statement Sheet No. 177 issued 17th December 2022.
    Receipts – None
    To include £10.00 bank charges 17th October 2022 – 16th December 2022.
    8.2 Payment to Mrs Linda Cowles for January 2023 Clerk’s hours and £44.82 plus VAT for ink cartridges – Payment agreed.
    8.3 Payment to Terry Griffiths Contracts, invoice no. TGC2071 roads account November 2022 (1) of £400.00 plus VAT, invoice no. TGC2092 roads account November 2022 (2) of £400.00 plus VAT and invoice no. TGC2109 roads account December 2022 (1) of £400.00 plus VAT – Payment agreed.
    8.4 Payment to Vowchurch & Turnastone Memorial Hall for 2022 Parish Council meetings hall hire of £150.00 – Payment agreed.
    8.5 Payment to HMRC of £129.60 for PAYE October – December 2022 – Payment agreed.
    8.6 2023/24 REVISED BUDGET AND PRECEPT – The revised budget was approved and it was agreed to increase the 2023/24 Precept by 10% to £15,673.52.
  2. B4348 SPEED REVIEW – Councillors G Deas and A Picton had met with the Highway Engineer on site where he advised to re-apply for a Traffic Management Order and request a speed review on B4348 at Vowchurch and C1206 through Vowchurch and Turnastone village. It was agreed to send points raised from Councillor Deas report to the Traffic Management team prior to 27th January to be included in Herefordshire Councils annual review.
  3. CRT AT TURNASTONE COURT – The Parish Council are aware of local concerns regarding the management of the CRT at Turnastone. It was agreed that the Parish Council would write to the Countryside Restoration Trust expressing concerns that the converted barn at Turnastone Court Farm does not appear to be used as an educational centre for which planning was granted. The community and Parish Council value the land as an ancient grassland and are keen that the wider area remains managed as per their charitable status and ethos of the organisation. Any update on the charities vision for the future would be greatly appreciated.
  4. HEREFORDSHIRE LOCAL PLAN 2021 – 2041 – AGRICULTURAL PLANNING SUPPLEMENTARY PLAN – It was agreed that Councillor Lloyd would liaise with Councillors E Williams and D Cross with a draft response to be agreed at the February meeting.
  5. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL 2023 – It was agreed to move the Annual meeting of the Parish Council to Thursday 25th May 2023. There will not be an annual parish meeting because of the May 2023 elections.
  6. FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER – 2023/24 precept, speed review, Keep Herefordshire Warm and defect reporting.
  7. NOTE THE CORRESPONDENCE SHEET – The correspondence sheet was noted.
  8. RAISE MATTERS FOR THE NEXT ORDINARY MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL – Thursday 16th February 2023 at 7.30pm at Newton Church Room – Herefordshire local plan – agricultural planning supplement response.

The Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.40pm.


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