Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was produced several years ago and reflects the views of local people about what were perceived as the most important local issues. The work on the Plan was done over three years and involved widespread consultation and discussion.

This website was set up as a result of support expressed by local people during the development of the Parish Plan.

Concerns were expressed during the work on the Plan about the safety of the road junction on the B4348 in Vowchurch. The Parish Council therefore asked Herefordshire Council to consider putting a speed limit of 40 mph on the B4348 road through Vowchurch and on the road to the junction with the B4348 from Turnastone. This request has been on a list of similar requests from other parishes for some years. The Parish Council understands that the request is likely to be considered some time in 2019.

Headline Findings

  • Protection of the Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Changes in Land Use
  • Communications

For full details downland the Plan Document

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